Workshop on Contracts for Efficient and Reliable Services

Bertinoro, Italy -- 12th September 2014

held in co-location with

iFM 2014: The 11th International Conference on Integrated Formal Methods


FACS 2014: The 11th International Symposium on Formal Aspects of Component Software

The Workshop

This workshop aims at bringing together the participants of the project and those researchers who are interested in ``Contracts for Efficient and Reliable Services'' and that participate to the co-located events. In particular the theme of the workshop is a significant topic of the Envisage Project.

The ENVISAGE project

Envisage is a research project on engineering virtualized services. Software services are virtualized if they can adapt to the elasticity of cloud computing. Envisage develops a semantic foundation for virtualization and SLA that goes beyond today’s cloud technologies. This foundation makes it possible to efficiently develop SLA-aware and scalable services. SLA-aware services are able to control their own resource management and renegotiate SLA across the heterogeneous virtualized computing landscape. The project takes a model-based approach to the development of services, supported by highly automated analysis tools using formal methods.

On the project web site, you will find more detailed information and the project partners. The project is funded 2013-2016 by the EU under FP7. The starting date for Envisage has been October 1st, 2013.

Contracts for Efficient and Reliable Services

The workshop will address topics such as

  1. formal syntax and semantics for service level agreements and service contracts
  2. techniques for deriving autonomous monitors of components of virtualized systems (monitoring add-ons)
  3. QoS and abstract descriptions of services
  4. interoperability issues among abstract descriptions
  5. interoperability obligations between service contracts that guarantee correct compositions of virtualized services
  6. automatic verifications of service contracts and abstract descriptions
  7. industrial relevance of formal languages, of the monitoring add-ons, and the related theories